Strong Ab's are so important!

Strengthening your core should be an important part of your workout. A strong core helps to stabilise, balance, and power the body during exercise and everyday life. 

In this photo I'm doing side plank.  This works your underneath side oblique. As well as your rectus and transverse abdominus. These muscles help with bending side to side, rotate right and left and stabilise and protect your spine.
It is a great way to tone your waist line.  
Another great plank exercise is standard plank.   When your performing standard plank don’t just do the movement but really engage your abdominal muscles, drawing your navel up so you feel like your ‘zipping up your pants’..
Keep your upper body straight and feel broad across the chest and keep the shoulder blades flat. This is the neutral spine position. Your heels should be over the balls of your feet.

When you get tired make sure your hips don’t start to rise up, or start dropping. If you’re not sure if you have a flat back, ask a someone or do plank in front of the mirror to get good form.

If your a beginner hold this position for 20 seconds. Release to floor.
Then progress to 30, 45, or 60 seconds and longer if you can!

There are heaps of plank variations. On hands, elbows and for beginners you can start on your knees.

With perfect form what is the longest you can plank?