Results + Testimonials

Results + Testimonials

3 years ago I signed up for a 10 week challenge , I wasn’t sure what I was really getting myself into? But I knew I had to do something? I had gained a massive amount of weight and was very unhealthy due to an illness I had been battling. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but I knew I had to do something? To be the size and person I used to be as well as getting my illness under control. With the help and support of Hayley, April and a great bunch of people along with a lot of hard work and dedication 3 years on I have lost 17 kilos in total I am medication free, Healthy Fit and feeling amazing. Bateup Body Blitz is not a walk in the park by any means but if you are looking for a challenge that will reshape your life for ever Mentally and physically Body Blitz can help you just like it has myself and many more over the years. So just like I did 3 years ago and continue to do so Blitz your way to a Healthier Life.
Well done to amazing online Blitzer Renee who transformed her body in just 10 weeks!  She lost 5kg but was especially happy about the 6cm off the waist and 4.5cm offhips!  Renee said,  ‘I’ve always wanted to take part in a body challenge and I thought if anyone can motivate me it would be Hayley, someone I’ve always looked up to and aspired to be like. It was a great experience and thank you for being apart of it.’  Great work Renee!
Renee – Gladstone
Bateup’s Body Blitz has changed my life and helped me achieve my goals, which I thought were out of reach. I’ve lost weight, improved my fitness and learned how to eat healthier. The sessions keep me motivated because they are fun and varied.
You get back what you put in so I push myself at every session and the results are paying off. Most importantly I feel better about myself, happier, healthier and more confident. Thanks Bateup’s Body Blitz!
Bobbie- Gold Coast
I started training with Hayley in 2009. Her knowledge of human performance and nutrition are second-to-none, resulting in a weight loss of 9kg in the first 6 weeks. I found Hayley to be a dedicated trainer providing me with a physical base of strength and endurance, a mental transformation and inspiring confidence to exceed any expectation.
Hayley’s sessions will allow any type of athlete to reach their maximum potential, as well as offering motivational and nutritional advice to help reach your targets. I believe these attributes make her the ideal trainer to help you achieve results you will be proud of.
Bre – Gold Coast 
I was an average person that enjoyed my training and sport, I was healthy and reasonably fit at the age of 41. I didnt really achieve any personal or sporting goals until I was lucky enough to meet Hayley Bateup. Meeting her was in itself an honour, such an Australian sporting icon, but, I sensed that she could really help me with my training and general ups and downs of life. My world turned upside
down when I requested a training session with her. I found her knowledge, motivation, and expirence to be very helpful.
I trained with Hayley for a number of months, the training included running, ski paddling, swimming and paddle board. These training sessions where completed with Hayley actually training with me, that in itself was awesome. I became reasonable fit to an athlete.

In 2010, I had enough fitness, confidence and knowledge to enter the Coolangatta Gold, this is one of Australia’s toughest endurance events. I finished the race, an achievement for me. I came in 4th in the masters category. I was very proud and continued to train under the guidance of Hayley. In 2011, I again entered the Coolangatta Gold, this time winning the masters division. I am very certain that I could not have achieved this massive goal and endurance race if it was not for the professional expirence and motivation from an awesome athlete, person, and trainer…Hayley Bateup. Thank you for mking me average to an athlete who continues to set personal and sporting goals.

Tracey – Gold Coast

I have been training with Hayley for the past two years and I love it. Hayley has a relaxed manner, is well planned, varies the program to target your needs and goals and most importantly makes training fun.

Hayley is a trainer with the experience, knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals. Hayley helped me go from running for 30 seconds without stopping to been able to complete two 8km mother’s day classics and the 10km Gold Coast Marathon fun run, both without stopping plus she also came along to all events for support – how many trainers would do that?
Leanne – Brisbane