Have you missed the start of Blitz 23, although really keen to make some amazing changes?  Call this number to get a late starter discount – 0413 833 219.  There is never a time like right now to make a major difference in your life!  


Amazing results in only 10 weeks, once again with the Blitz program.  It also goes to show you can’t just go by the scales!  Below it is obvious that Julie made great body composition changes, although the scales didn’t show a massive change (lose of 0.8kg).  This is why we do both photos and Body Composition Testing before and after every 10 weeks. When you look at her testing results she did however loose allot in body fat, nearly 5% and gained 1.7kg of muscle which is hard to do when loosing fat.   Well done Julie.  We look forward to more changes over the next 10 weeks. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)


Blitz 23 is now starting a day later due to the holidays!

So if you thought you were away, there is now no reason why not to get started on your 10 week Body Blitz journey to FEELING GREAT!

Click here to join up!


Hayley Bateup’s Body Blitz round 23 starts April 17.
‘My motivation for training has always been performance, now I train for general health, I exercise to “Feel Great!”‘  This Blitz will leave you feel full of energy and revitalised.  All sessions will be based from Currumbin, with child friendly sessions as well as daily Blitz session.  Places will fill quickly so sign up today.


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