Do you want to join the 5 week Summer Blitz but won’t be here for all 5 weeks?  No problem, just put a membership hold on your training and then join back, whenever you are ready.  Make sure you do this when you sign up!
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Wanting to keep fit over Summer. We are running a 5 Week Summer Blitz starting 27th November.  Casual claases are available or join for weekly sessions. Click here to check out class times and join now!

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If you would like to join some casual sessions before the end of this series, that runs until the 25th Nov, click below.

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Amazing results in only 10 weeks, once again with the Blitz program.  It also goes to show you can’t just go by the scales!  Below it is obvious that Julie made great body composition changes, although the scales didn’t show a massive change (lose of 0.8kg).  This is why we do both photos and Body Composition Testing before and after every 10 weeks. When you look at her testing results she did however loose allot in body fat, nearly 5% and gained 1.7kg of muscle which is hard to do when loosing fat.   Well done Julie.  We look forward to more changes over the next 10 weeks. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

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