Hayley Bateup’s Body Blitz round 23 starts April 17.
‘My motivation for training has always been performance, now I train for general health, I exercise to “Feel Great!”‘  This Blitz will leave you feel full of energy and revitalised.  All sessions will be based from Currumbin, with child friendly sessions as well as daily Blitz session.  Places will fill quickly so sign up today.



Blitz will be running their child friendly sessions once again in Blitz 21.  These sessions are available to any Blitzers but if you have small children or babies you are welcome to bring them along at your responsibility.  These sessions for Blitz 21 start the 7th November and run from Currumbin on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.30am.IMG_8632


Blitz 22 has proved the most successful yet!  Hayley’s 20 plus years experence as a professional athlete and now Blitz is in it’s 4th year, the program is going from strength to strength.  Not only have the new people made amazing Body Composition changes this Blitz, but the on going Blitzers have improved their fitness and just getting better with every session!   So whats the secret?  It’s a combination of the awesome crew that do the Blitz, Hayley’s experience, all sessions are different to keep it interesting…but most of all, the fun we have a Blitz!



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